Fabien Kachev

Born in the small French town of Metz, Fabien Kachev's passion for show business developed early. With countless international television appearances and critical appraisal ("He is the funniest French comedian, that I know..." Stefan Raab, TV Total. "The absolute highlight of the show." Harald Schmidt, Schmidt & Pocher), this French star of visual comedy also boasts an incredible resume and has graced audiences of numerous prominent variety shows and festivals. Among them, the famous 'Juste pour Rire' Festival of Montreal. He is France's answer to Mr. Bean and through his rare talent and passion for mimic and voices, exposes the humour of the daily mundane with incredible precision and articulation.

As he took his first steps onto the stage at the Comedy Festival of Moers, one could never have expected that this timid and inconspicuous man clad in suit, tie and hat would become the most captivating character of the following half an hour. This subtlety would leave, only seconds later, nobody in doubt of his comedic genius. His immense talent for visual comedy was the highlight of the hilarity for the audience that day.

Fabien Kachev is France's reigning King of this unique brand of comedy; wordless, with sounds, expressions and gestures telling 3-dimensional stories that are unrivaled in intensity. Through his pieces, Fabien identifies with us all in a completely uncensored way. Without offending, but rather inviting his audience to search for themselves in the comedy. And find themselves they do; even if it is in the road-raged man behind the steering wheel who is running a red light.

Be it a sports car-driving playboy, a tourist in Paris, a skier, a macho man or a fellow with constipation- Fabien's incredible talent for sounds, hilarity, perfect comic timing and attention to detail, even down to the smallest noise of a clothing zip, is impeccable. Even his acting colleagues, who are publicly envious of his comedic aptitude, sing his praises and claim that he is unmatched in his believability.

While he celebrates his greatest successes most often in France, his talents are also greatly revered overseas. In French-speaking Canada he is hailed a comedy god, following his performance in the 'Just pour Rire' Festival Montreal. So too is the case in Italy, Belgium, Israel, Germany and Africa where he is universally understood. His humour knows no lingual barriers.

Chronologische Biografie

  • 2017
    Roncalli´s Apollo Variete Programm Karneval in Venedig (19. Januar bis 17. April)
  • 2009
    Roncalli´s Apollo Variete (Lichtgestalten)
    Schmidt & Pocher (ARD)
    Crazy Horse (Paris)
    TV Total (Stefan Raab)
    Wintergarten Varieté Berlin (Orientals)
  • 2007
    Sziget Festival Budapest
    Festspiel Droles de Zébres Frankreich
    Witzigmann Roncalli Bajazzo München
    3. Internationales Komödienfestival
    (Neue Bühne Senftenberg)
  • 2006
    Dany Boon (Olympia) Paris
  • 2005
    Festival Internacional de Humor (Madrid)
    Graz Erzählt 2005 (Österreich und Slovenien)
  • 2004
    Internationales Festival der Wortkunst (Maulhelden 2) Berlin
    Kleines Fest im großen Garten (Hannover Herrenhausen)
    Wintergarten Varieté Berlin (Capriccio)
    Varieté de Bale (Schweiz)

    Erster Preis Europäischen Kleinkunstpreis
    (Roner „SurPrize“ Lindner Spezial)
  • 2002
    Jurypreisträger im Kleinkunsttheater Carambolage (Bozen, Italien)
    Künstler des Jahres 2001 (Künstlermagazin Deutschland)
    Festival im Schlosspark (Wiesbaden)
    United Slapstick Show (Tournee mit Bülent Ceylan)
    Gauklerfest Attendorn (Comedy Festival)
    Köln Comedy Festival (RTL Gala)
    Comedy Arts Festival (Moers)
  • 1999
    Erster Preis „Festival de L´Humour (Le Mans, Frankreich)
  • 1997
    J’entends beaucoup trop de vent dans la plaine 
    Volcan – Scène nationale du Havre.
    Regie : Coline Serreau
  • 1996
    Music Hall du Lundi – parrainé par Coline Serreau
    Théâtre de la Potinière (Paris)
  • 1995
    Elle voit des Nains Partout de Philippe Bruneau.
    Café de la Gare – diffusion France 3
  • 1994
    Allo Tokyo - Solo Le Point Virgule
  • 1990
    Première partie du Grand Orchestre du Splendid
  • 1986
    Festival International Juste pour rire (Montreal)
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