Press Reviews of Fabien Kachev

"The loudest laugher can rely on Fabien Kachev: The Frenchman tells stories through his crazy expressions and seemingly inexhaustible repertoire of sounds that play like comedic films before the eyes of the viewer. The tears flow- from laughter."

(Rheinische Post, Düsseldorf)

"Super Talent candidate Fabien Kachev and his audience understand each other without words; he is a Pantomime artist. For his performance on "Das Supertalent 2015", the 55-year old warmed himself up quite a bit. This was to the delight of the the other performers as the expressions and gestures that he can put on are unbelievable. Fabien chose a hunting them for his piece, where he portrayed not only the role of the hunter but also of the animals. The Supertalent Jury found him unbelievably funny and were almost curled up on the floorin laughter. "That was really incredible cinema, it couldn't get better. And this idea too of going hunting and all the animals. That was really great." According to an impressed Bruce Darnell. Inke Bause was also very pleased by the performance saying, "I also found it just great. When one thinks of Pantomine, I imagine white gloves and that it sort of it. This was such a modern variation. A perfect story. Thank you". Pop Titan Dieter Bolan was also spellbound and even forgot that he was on the clock: "Fantastic! That was just great. I even forgot that I am at work. I let myself go and totally enjoyed it. I found your eyes the best. I liked it very much," praised the Juror. With that and three 'yes' votes,
Fabien continued to the next round."

(RTL Supertalent)

"A master of grimaces and visual comedy at the Grenzenlos-Festival. He pushes his hair away with a similarity to Gerard Depardieu. The girlfriend finds that he resembles Jogi Löw. The critics call him the French answer to Mr. Bean. In truth, Fabien Kachev, who could be seen in the SW-Foyer of the Grenzenlos-Festival in Freiburg, is unique. His art is called Visual Comedy: Kachev tells everyday stories with the aid of gestures, grimaces, and noises. He hardly speaks- and if, then in a speedy and half-swallowed fake language: with a little bit of English, German and French thrown about. At first glance, his performance seems highly serious; enters the stage in a dark suit, white shirt and tie. What he portrays however, is funny, whimsical, sometimes rude and blackly humoured. For example: when he goes hunting with the shotgun which doubles as a machine gun, he wipes out a rabbit and a frog. Unfortunately, he also takes out his loyal dog with CPR efforts rendering useless. In another story, Kachev is a dinner party guest and other guests of the party come to life through his expressions and grimaces. Kachev can rolls his eyes in a way that makes viewers dizzy to watch; he can turn each eye a different direction and pull his lips to his nose. It may sound like flat comedy but even constipation is so comically portrayed that one cannot stop for fits of laughter. The public lets him go only after numerous encores and as they themselves leave the SWR-Studios are eagerly trying to imitate his noises and actions. It is all futilely attempted, Fabien is unique."

(Badische Zeitung)

"Certainly, you know Tex Avery's Wolf. Now you will, Fabien Kachev is in some way his cousin. The stories that he tells are effortlessly underlined with gestures and expressions. The audience celebrates him. The question is, what is the purpose of words?"

(Le Parisien)

"His performance is wild. It runs thanks to a collection of observations and details. Kachev's characters are treacherous, hateful, contemptuous, scattered: a human race which he has captured with his sneaky machinations."

(Le Figaro)

"Even the most miserable of people will not fail to laugh and to applauded this wonderful burlesque performer."

(Le Journal du dimanche)

"Half-paranoid, half obsessive, a mythomaniac. This figure awakens our curiosity and pulls us under its spell. A humourist that one should not let out of their sight. COline Serreau takes the reigns and directs the artistic part of the program. A comical and biting performance."


"To put it shortly, this is a Mime! One in the elegant way, with a raised little finger.
His ploy: an impolite and wild louse who prefers the absurd and who will make the viewer burst."

(Charlie Hebdo)