List of TV Productions und Movies

Fabien Kachev is often occupied with a successful career in acting. Countless projects in the field of cinema, televised films, tv series, advertising and picture films are all part of his extensive repertoire.

On this page, a list of the productions in which Fabien has participated can be found. The projects that Fabien would like to realize in the future are also listed here.

Kinofilme / Cinema

  • 2007
    La maison de Manuel Poirier
  • 2005
    Enquête à domicile de Nan Aurousseau
  • 2001
    Les femmes ou les enfants d’abord de Manuel Poirier
  • 1995
    A la campagne de Manuel Poirier
  • 1993
    A l’Heure où les grands fauves vont boire de Pierre Jolivet
  • 1992
    Joséphine en Tournée de Jacques Rozier
  • 1990
    Les Cigognes n’en font qu’à leur Tête de Didier Kaminka
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  • 2005
    Le sang des fraises de Manuel Poirier
  • 1995
    Les Années Lycées – Attention, Fragile de Manuel Poirier
    Le sang du Renard de Serge Meynard
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  • 2006
    Le plus grand Cabaret du monde de Patrick Sebastien
    Spéciale Shirley et Dino  Avril 2006  France 2
    Journal de 13 heures – C’est mon choix FR3
    40 ° à l’ombre La Classe Télécaroline
    M6 Guili guili - Antenne 2 Rira rira pas (de Jean Yanne)
    Les Démons de Midi – La Cinq Duel pour rire
    journal de 13 heures – TF1 Journal de 13 heures

    Köln Comedy festival RTL
    Kleinkunst Festival 3SAT Allemagne
    Festival della Risata Locarno
    Arosa Humor Festival Suisse
    Bon Week End – Signé Taloches Belgique
    Sabato Noche TVE (Espagne)
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Werbung / Commercials
  • 1995
    MAAF assurances réalisée par Valérie Lemercier
  • 1996
    Banque Populaire Quick
  • 2005
    SNCF Internet
  • 2006
    Pixdiscount France Belgique
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Fabien Kachev als Synchronsprecher …

Prominent Colleges on Fabien Kachev

A few prominent colleagues of Fabien's have described him in their own way. We would like to present some of these beautiful statements on this page.

"His artistic craftsmanship is an alchemy that Fabien distills through his personality by way of his wonderful, clever and funny but garish stories."

(Robert Woitas)

"Fabien! What a talented man! One could be justifiably envious of him. Eerily effective, he has an intensive sense of rhythm and mirror imagery. He is a new type of humourist. Fabien's style is comparable to the art of the silent film actor. It has always been a great pleasure for me to make people laugh but it was never unimportant to me how this happened. Fabien has class. I love his artistic ideas, his refined high level. I can swamp him with praise without being boastful. He is wonderful."

(Coline Serreau)

"This Fabien Karchev, what a talent! He leads us into the world of a hard-hearted, cynical clown-like person. A world of people that we maybe have ourselves met before or who bear a great resemblance to us. He has understood, in his shining and effective way to construct and precisely decorate this world around him, one that floats clearly in front of our eyes. Fabien Kachev is a boy that, in the case that he gives you his heart, rips it out and throws it in your face, it is a bloody billboard."

(Delphine Soula)

The French humourists are dividing themselves into more and more various categories. It is unfair to label people. It does make it easier, however, for one to discuss things and compare in this way. Those marked 'visual humourist with self-generated effects' are plentiful and all work very well. The question is, why do I switch off after a few minutes? And why not, when I watch Fabien Kachev? It took a bit of time until I understood. When I see Fabien Kachev on stage, I believe him. Although I completely objectively admire his outstanding technique, the span of his expressions and the possibilities of his voice's range, I subjectively and totally believe what he performs. A gesture, a sound. I do exactly those same things when I am at the wheel and waiting for the light to turn green. Of course all these things belong to the career of the mime. These are their tools. With Fabien Kachev the art touches me more than with any other, even when they are also good. He makes me laugh more."

(Howard Bluten)