Seminars and Workshops

Seminars and workshops are a brand new field of activity and opportunity for Fabien Kachev. He is invited by some of the most diverse companies, most recently by  'Vorwerk', to motivate employees and representatives to have more self-confidence in their careers and in the workplace.

He also personally organizes seminars and workshops to spread his knowledge of the theme 'Humour' to interested learners. Professional speakers and conferenciers have taken advantage of this service to bring more ease to their own schooling.

"Fabien, I am missing humour in my speeches and conferences". Fabien's response to this sentence is simply, "That there was already humour. I could have laughed about it". In his workshops, Fabien is not only an excellent speaker but also an entertainer. One that understands how to entertain the participants with comedy.

Outside of his personal seminars, Fabien plans in the near future to collaborate with the well-known Tenor and Entertainer, Riccardo Mancini. During these seminars and workshops, participants will learn what they ought to know about the voice and its functions and capabilities. Above all, students will learn how they can use them to their advantage personally.

The most beautiful things lose their effect when their voice doesn't match them. A Conferencier that cannot engage his audience with his voice will have an insecurity that is immediately recognizable. Through these workshops and seminars, Fabien Kachev would like to unite the two most important elements of self-assurance on stage. These being humour and the correct handling of the voice.

Interested learners are offered such education through my website.

"I am looking forward to the opportunity of meeting you at one of my events."

Fabien Kachev

Conférence spectacle " j'ai décidé d'être heureux"