Fabien Kachev

With countless international television appearances, critical appraise from the likes of TV Total's Stefan Raab, "He is the funniest French comedian that I know...", and Harald Schmidt of Schmidt and Pocher, " The absolute highlight of the show", Fabian Kachev has proven himself a true master of humour.

The French star of visual comedy boasts an incredible resume and has graced audiences of numerous prominent variety shows and festivals, including the famous 'Juste pour Rire' Festival of Montreal. He is France's answer to Mr. Bean and through his rare talent and passion for mimic and voices, exposes the humour of the daily mundane with incredible precision and articulation.

"It is a pleasure for me to welcome you to my website. Here you can find all information regarding my career, current events and performance engagements in addition to photos and videos."

Many thanks for your visit to my site.

Fabien Kachev.


Clowns! The art of laughter

Laughter is a multi-layered phenomenon that is not always about the obviously funny. It is more often an appreciation of quieter undertones, poetry and even sometimes astounding artistry. Quite removed from the culture of comedy, world famous clowns celebrate the grand art of laughter in the Prince Regent Theatre and entertain with their talents ranging from comical acrobatics to beloved clown numbers, thereby showcasing a varied repertoire. Despite the diversity of their performances, they succeed in capturing the essence of the moment in a fantastic way and in so doing, demonstrate to the audience that laughter and humour can also be transformed into poetry. After the incredible audience reception in the past years, the 'Art of Laughter' Festival 2017 is returning with a new program to Munich once again with the most loved clowns, comedians and both new and trusted faces.

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Apollo Variety Düsseldorf (Karneval in Venice)

Fabien is currently starring in 'Karneval in Venedig' at the Apollo Varieté in Düsseldorf. He delights audiences with his comedic offerings and brings them into worlds of his own creation- without the assistance of props or special effects. 

The French Mime has enjoyed a great and steady presence on the world's most prominent stages. With only his voices, gestures and mime artistry, he manages to construct 3-dimensional performances and tell hilariously quirky stories with unrivaled intensity. Sometimes thought-provoking, sometimes shrilly comical- his scenes will leave cheeks aching from laughter.

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